Want More Confusion In Your Life? Enter a Situationship

 Ah, the "situationship." What a maze of mixed feelings and unsaid words. It's like standing on a bridge made of fog—feels kinda solid, but not enough to let your guard down. 

You're with someone, sure, but labels? Nah. Who needs 'em? Except deep down, you kinda wish there was one, right?

What is a situationship? It's best described by a scenario: you're texting, chatting, hanging out, even sharing fries at your favorite diner. It all feels couple-y, but without the "official" stamp. 

What are you allowed to expect from each other? Can you ask them not to date others? Can you call them your "partner" to your friends? 

It's all so cloudy, like walking through a misty forest where every step feels uncertain. 

Then there's the confusion! One day you're sure you're not just friends. I mean, friends don't look into each other's eyes like that, do they? The next day, they introduce you as "just a friend," and boom! Your heart feels like a crumpled piece of paper—still there, but the smoothness is gone. 

It's not just you, by the way. They might be on the same shaky bridge, wondering if stepping forward will lead to solid ground or a great fall. Maybe they're scared of messing up what you have by putting a label on it. 

You're both wandering around this forest of doubt, sometimes crossing paths with a smile, other times just missing each other. 

Boundaries? In a situationship, they're as clear as mud. You might not know if you can demand quality time on weekends, ask them to meet your friends, or even introduce them to your dog. 

It's a bunch of question marks, hanging in the air, like a mobile made of uncertainties that you can't help but stare at.

But there's hope. 

Even forests end, bridges lead somewhere, and fog lifts. Just as seasons change, the nature of your relationship will reveal itself. 

Maybe it'll turn into love so solid you can stand on it, or maybe it'll disperse like mist in the morning sun. But that revelation will come. 

You and your almost-something will find words to replace the silence. Labels or not, what's meant for you won't pass you by. 

Hang tight; the universe has a knack for sorting things out.


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