Surviving Valentines: Advice For People Who Hate It

Guess what? Valentine's Day is right around the corner! 

So, I have a question for you... are you feeling a bit Valentine's-phobic? If you're single, do you ever cringe at the thought of walking into your favorite places only to find them decked out with heart-shaped decorations and couples indulging in PDA? 

Are you maybe gritting your teeth at the idea of every hotel room being booked because it seems like everyone is planning a romantic getaway? 

 If you're in a relationship, are you dreading the guilt that sneaks in because you really don't feel like joining in on the Valentine's Day festivities like everyone else? 

Perhaps you're worried that your gift won't hit the mark (if you've even prepared one in the first place)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the Valentine's-phobic club! 

 Now, I didn't write this post to convince you that Valentine's is the ultimate test of romance or to change your feelings about this day. Instead, I want to share a fun way to survive the 24-hour lovey-dovey madness. 

Consider this your chance to embrace your inner cheeseball. If you've been Mr. or Ms. Cool and composed all year long, use this opportunity to break character. 

Grab a bunch of heart-shaped erasers (or some red roses) and surprise your coworkers or classmates with a little Valentine's Day gesture. Believe it or not, you can always return to your usual cool, collected self the next day! 

If you've been hiding your romantic side, remember that Valentine's Day is the one day where you can be as mushy as you want (and actually get praised for it). Plus, no matter how cheesy you get, rest assured that someone out there is being even cheesier. 

 Are you the type who never backs down from a dare? Well, consider this your dare. 

Be romantic. Be cute. Fake it by not showing the "I hate Valentine's" attitude! 

 The day after Valentine's, people all over the world (mostly the ladies) will still be buzzing about what they received, where they went, what they did, who got more flowers from their significant other, and who had the fancier dinner date. 

It's almost like a friendly competition, isn't it? So, where's your competitive spirit? But remember, the goal isn't to outdo anyone else in the romance department; it's about outdoing your own romantic self. 

Oh, and by the way, remember when I said, "I didn't write this post to change your mind about Valentine's Day"? Well, I might have fibbed a little. 😉 Enjoy your super-mushy, ultra-sweet, hot-and-spicy Valentine's Day!


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