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Surviving Valentines: Advice For People Who Hate It

Guess what? Valentine's Day is right around the corner!  So, I have a question for you... are you feeling a bit Valentine's-phobic? If you're single, do you ever cringe at the thought of walking into your favorite places only to find them decked out with heart-shaped decorations and couples indulging in PDA?  Are you maybe gritting your teeth at the idea of every hotel room being booked because it seems like everyone is planning a romantic getaway?   If you're in a relationship, are you dreading the guilt that sneaks in because you really don't feel like joining in on the Valentine's Day festivities like everyone else?  Perhaps you're worried that your gift won't hit the mark (if you've even prepared one in the first place)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the Valentine's-phobic club!   Now, I didn't write this post to convince you that Valentine's is the ultimate test of romance or to change your feelings abou

Spoken Word: All I Ask is to Let Me Love You

Sometimes, late at night, I find myself staring at the ceiling, wrestling with a swirling vortex of thoughts that refuse to be tamed. Isn't that the case for so many of us? My mind clings to one haunting question: What would it take for you to just let go and embrace the love I'm offering? Why is love such a tangled web of complexities, a labyrinth without a guide?  It's like this inexplicable riddle that everyone wants to solve but never can. I keep thinking about how simple it could be—how simple it should be. Love shouldn't be a complex equation; it should be the simplest of answers.  I wish you could just see it—the earnestness in my eyes, the authenticity in my smile.  I wish you could hear the unspoken vows in my laughter and feel the promise in my touch. I'm not offering the moon and the stars; I'm offering steadfastness, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear. I'm offering what I can, as humbly as I can. The thing is, I'm here for you, through th

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