Spoken Word: He Sees Me

He's like an anchor, grounding me, but in the most liberating way. 

It's as if he's whispering, "You're allowed to exist. Fully, completely."

I used to think that being seen would mean I’d be found out... that my weaknesses and flaws would be exposed. But he's flipped the script on me. 

He’s seen my fears, and instead of turning away, he's held them, like fragile things. And, he showed me his own. 

For the first time, I'm not afraid of being seen—I crave it. 

Being seen by him doesn't feel like scrutiny; it feels like love.

Nobody's cared like he cared. 

Nobody's looked like he looked. 

For the first time, I'm not a background in someone else's story. I'm a character, fully realized, in a narrative we're writing together. 

I'm not just seen. I'm found. 

This is a feeling I never knew I needed.


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