Spoken Word: What Does It Mean to Yearn for Forever?

 What does forever mean in words of yearning? It means I believe in the promise of tomorrow, in the idea that life with you will be full of more surprises than I can imagine.  Forever to me is like a book with blank pages, waiting to be filled with the stories we'll write together.  I see a future where we grow, learn, and create a tapestry of memories.  It's not just belief; it's a conviction that our journey together will be an extraordinary one. But above all... I deeply desire to be the love of your life.  I want to be the one who stands by your side, through the highs and lows. Through the mundane and the extraordinary.  I want to be your confidant, your partner in adventure, your rock when the world feels shaky.  It's not just desire; it's a profound wish etched into the core of my being. So, as I navigate the winding paths of my heart...  I hold on to these feelings, these hopes, and these dreams.  Wanting, feeling, believing, and desiring you.  I cherish

Spoken Word: All I Ask is to Let Me Love You

Sometimes, late at night, I find myself staring at the ceiling, wrestling with a swirling vortex of thoughts that refuse to be tamed. Isn't that the case for so many of us? My mind clings to one haunting question: What would it take for you to just let go and embrace the love I'm offering? Why is love such a tangled web of complexities, a labyrinth without a guide?  It's like this inexplicable riddle that everyone wants to solve but never can. I keep thinking about how simple it could be—how simple it should be. Love shouldn't be a complex equation; it should be the simplest of answers.  I wish you could just see it—the earnestness in my eyes, the authenticity in my smile.  I wish you could hear the unspoken vows in my laughter and feel the promise in my touch. I'm not offering the moon and the stars; I'm offering steadfastness, a shoulder to lean on, a listening ear. I'm offering what I can, as humbly as I can. The thing is, I'm here for you, through th

Never Breaking Up is a Myth

Why is it dangerous to say "we will never break up"? Here is a lesson in relationship realism that I learned the hard way.  Early love is beautiful and those currently in its throes can feel invincible and certain about their future as a couple. It's not uncommon for couples deeply in love to make grand declarations like "we will never break up." Such sentiments may stem from genuine feelings of love and commitment, but making such absolute statements can be both unrealistic and potentially harmful to a relationship.  In this article, we will explore why one should never say NEVER when the topic of breaking up comes up. Due to the complexities of love and human nature, relationships evolve. Relationships are dynamic and constantly evolving, so one should never make absolute statements. People grow, change, and face various life challenges.  What works for a couple at one stage of their relationship may not be suitable in the future. By declaring that a relation

Achieving True Compatibility is Like Tandem Swimming

You know, I used to believe that finding the perfect match was the ultimate secret to a successful relationship. I clung to this idea for quite some time, and it probably contributed to my "player" persona back in the day. I'd assess compatibility based on various factors like shared interests, social status, and maturity levels.  Yes, Criteria.   Having some criteria to guide your search for "the one" isn't a bad thing at all. We all need some standards, right? But, I've come to realize that genuine, long-term compatibility involves much more than just a few commonalities and great initial chemistry.  In fact, if we want to get technical about it, we could even argue that real, long-term compatibility might not even exist. Here's why I say that: people change. We evolve and grow, whether we're in a relationship or not.  Incompatibility Could Mean Inability to Adapt to Growth Couples who struggle to adapt to these changes in each other often lab

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