Never Breaking Up is a Myth

Why is it dangerous to say "we will never break up"? Here is a lesson in relationship realism that I learned the hard way. 

Early love is beautiful and those currently in its throes can feel invincible and certain about their future as a couple. It's not uncommon for couples deeply in love to make grand declarations like "we will never break up." Such sentiments may stem from genuine feelings of love and commitment, but making such absolute statements can be both unrealistic and potentially harmful to a relationship. 

In this article, we will explore why one should never say NEVER when the topic of breaking up comes up.

Due to the complexities of love and human nature, relationships evolve. Relationships are dynamic and constantly evolving, so one should never make absolute statements. People grow, change, and face various life challenges. 

What works for a couple at one stage of their relationship may not be suitable in the future. By declaring that a relationship will never end, individuals may unintentionally resist the necessary changes and adaptations that relationships require to thrive. 

Unrealistic Expectations 

Saying "We will never break up" sets up unrealistic expectations that can create unnecessary pressure and anxiety in a relationship. This statement implies that a couple must uphold an idealized version of their relationship, which can be detrimental. It's essential to acknowledge that all couples experience difficulties and disagreements, and sometimes, breaking up may be the healthiest option. 

Stifling Growth 

Every person in a relationship should have the space and freedom to grow as an individual. Making absolute statements about never breaking up can inadvertently stifle personal growth and development. Couples may feel trapped and unable to pursue their individual dreams and ambitions if they believe their relationship is set in stone. 

 Denying Reality 

Life is unpredictable, and no one can predict the future with absolute certainty. While it's wonderful to have faith in your relationship, denying the possibility of breaking up can prevent individuals from confronting and addressing issues that may be festering beneath the surface. It's healthier to recognize the potential for difficulties and work together to overcome them. 

Fear of Change 

Fear of change is a natural human instinct, but it can be problematic in a relationship. When couples declare that they will never break up, they may become resistant to necessary changes or improvements within the relationship. Embracing change and growth can lead to a stronger and more resilient partnership. 

Resilience Through Realism 

Rather than making unrealistic promises, it's more constructive to acknowledge the uncertainties of life and relationships. Couples who are aware of the potential for challenges are often better equipped to navigate them successfully. Realism and open communication are key to building a relationship that can weather the storms of life.

It's essential to approach love with a healthy dose of realism. While it's wonderful to be deeply committed to your partner, declaring that you will never break up can be unrealistic and potentially harmful. Instead, focus on nurturing a relationship based on open communication, mutual respect, and the recognition that both individuals are capable of growth and change. 

By embracing the complexities of love and human nature, couples can build resilient, enduring partnerships that stand the test of time.


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