A Situationship is Like an Oarless Boat

 So you're knee-deep in a situationship, huh? Don't worry, it's a confusing space that so many of us have found ourselves wading through. Imagine a boat on a lake, no oars, drifting wherever the wind decides to push it. 

That's you, that's me, that's all of us caught in the web of a situationship. 

What's confusing about it?

We text all day, share memes, and even spend nights together, but label it? Nah, that's "too complicated." 

Here's where the confusion sets in. Can you get mad when they don't text you back right away? Do you have a right to feel hurt when you see them posting pictures with someone else? The boat drifts, but the water isn't clear enough to see what's at the bottom. There's a murky cloud of questions like, "Do I have the right to ask where this is going?" You feel stuck, yet strangely comfortable, in a land that's not quite friendship, not quite a committed relationship.

Boundaries and Ground Rules

Then comes the part that keeps you up at night—boundaries. Are there even any? Or are we just free agents doing whatever we want? One night you're watching Netflix together, all cuddled up, feeling like the only two people in the world. The next week, they're too busy to even spare you a 5-minute phone call. It's like going from being the special guest star to an extra in your own love life. You want to bring it up, establish some ground rules, but the fear of losing even this undefined thing stops you. The boat is still floating, but you're starting to notice the leaks.

The Future

Ah, yes, the future—a distant land where maybe, just maybe, you'll find the clarity you yearn for. You've both avoided talking about it, conveniently sidestepping the 'what are we?' conversation. Are you planning a future together, or just killing time until something better comes along? Doubts dance in your mind like shadows on the water, always there but never fully graspable.

So here's the thing— the fate of this drifting boat, my friend, can only be revealed when you both decide to talk. No more vague answers, no more dodging the subject. Until then, the boat will keep floating aimlessly, taking you wherever the wind blows. 

But remember, once you both decide to grab those oars and row, the lake won't seem as daunting anymore. 

You'll either row to the shore together or decide you're better off docking at different ports. Either way, the mystery that's been clouding your mind will finally lift. And clarity, my friend, is a beautiful thing.


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