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  1. bing says:

    it is just not right to enter into another relationship when one is still hurting. as you mentioned, one is still in daze. it would not truly help in the healing process.

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  2. Tracy says:

    I knew going into my rebound relationship it would never work. I purposely choose someone who I would never really like just to keep me from wanting something more than a rebound relationship. While this may sound bad he was doing the same thing so it all worked out for the best. We ended up being friends and now spend time as a foursome with our new serious relationships.

  3. Mark says:

    Now is it still rebound dating, if the woman is one who always has to be in a relationship? One that is never single and always has a different guy with her.

  4. anonymous girl says:

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  5. zezebel says:

    Its not because I want to used that someone to eased my pain but I am more vulnerably when I just having a break up. I need someone to talk to.
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  6. I agree with this useful article. I think that after break ups, you should buy more time to ease the pain from your past relationship. Because if you really love your ex, you should respect his decision and not take another for granted to comfort you. Because of brittleness of our emotions, we should talk friends to comfort and have some advices.


  7. Usually, rebound relationships are more common if they were both deeply in love, and the divorce was sudden. They go from loving a person to having no one to love. They pick up a new relationship to try to dull the pain that they are feeling. This can help get some people through the initial phases of grief, but can also just push things a ways down the line.

  8. Chris says:

    So any thoughts on this…

    about 1 1/2 months ago I got out of a pretty passionate and connecting relationship with an Aries. I am a Sag. She ended it by breaking my heart and now I am near complete recovery although I still think of her occasionally. She mentioned being friends a little while back and since then I have talked to her via phone twice about stuff for 3 hours + and she came to hang out with a mutual friend with knowledge that i was there. That was last week and the last time we talked.

    To end our relationship, apparently in her eyes i did something to hurt her and she did something behind my back in retaliation. We took a break of 7 days. We started talking again, but I found out she was starting something with a Scorpio and as of now they are dating. Hanging out with him since near the end of July and dating for the past 2 weeks-ish.

    Today I asked her to go running with me and she said she couldnt because of work. So i will give it more time…about 2 more weeks before i contact her again. Thoughts and opinions are needed

  9. woobie says:

    Playing the role of the “unjealous ex” could do you well. Aries girls, in my opinion, like doing things their way whether or not they have the go-signal of any outside force. Don’t get me wrong though, I think aggressiveness in a guy works for a short time thing, but for the long term, the guy who holds out longest without getting overly clingy is usually the hero in the end.

  10. krys says:

    must practice 3 month rule! :)

  11. Cheryl says:

    I seperated from my ex spouse of 17 years, 10 months ago. I grieved the loss of the marriage at least two years before that, we had not slept in the same bed for at least that much time, we did have sex, but only because for me it was better then the tantrums he through if I said no. I started dating a few months ago, recently I met a man who is going through a divorce! He admitted to me that in his 24 year marriage he did have 3 affairs,and that his marriage had been over for years, but they stayed together for the kids, which also why I stayed. We get along great, and really enjoy each others company, I want more then a rebound relationship with him, but afraid of getting my heart broken, He’s almost 50 and I’m 47. When we aren’t together I miss him terribly and when we are together it’s like there is noone else! My head says run, my heart says this man is worth the risk of a heartbreak! I am not sure what to do, I am usually in such good control of my feelings, and with him I am not!

  12. OSeñorita says:

    Rebound relationship is not good. But going to the parlor and having a new haircut is the best way to ease your pain. Add to it the going to the gym and working out. In that way, you will regain your self-worth back and feel good about yourself. Love yourself first, before loving someone else again. In that way there will be no hangovers of the ex.

  13. Very true, not only is it likely you are lying to yourself about being in love with this new person, but you might end up hurting them when you come to your senses and break the daze. I think it is always best to wait a few months before re-committing yourself, at least.
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  14. I think dating someone else is a good distraction after a break-up but you’ve got to be honest with that other person & give them a chance to bail if he/ or she can’t handle it. It’s only fair.

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  17. I have a really hard time with this topic. I am out of a relationship and I don’t feel like I am using the next as a re-bound if I am being my best self. If anything I am paying attention to red flags more closely. I guess it must be an individual thing.

  18. Cheryl says:

    Hi Mr Maniac, please look at my post from April 2012, that relationship, I was in was a definite rebound one for him, as he broke it off with me a month ago, with the I want to be single line!I am sure in no way did he intend to hurt me, but he did, and now I am left to mourn a huge loss, I cry all day, and can barely function, as I am so in love, but he wasnt ready for me and it sucks!

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