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  1. I think the fade out is a pretty good option if your significant other is the type of person who “gets it.” Like, they’re intuitive. I have a friend whose girlfriend totally did the fade out on him, and because he was more of the straightforward, analytical type, he didn’t quite get it and kept holding out hope. Even though the fade out seems kinder than a flat rejection, sometimes it’s not!
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  2. Chell says:

    i would bet that these cowardly creatures are not just that in their relationships, they are cowards in most aspect of their lives. so not worth our time.
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  3. The classic fade out. I never really liked.
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  4. Lee says:

    happened to me recently……Yep its definately cowardice at its prime. Maybe its because im a very straight forward person but in my opinion its is much worse than the face to face rejection it leaves the person in limbo and makes wonder what went wrong. Definately not cool.

  5. conan ipad says:

    Yes and also your life goals are very different You are very taken with one another where there is chemistry, similar values and interests. However, you are very different places in your life. You desire to have a family and your boyfriend has his family already and does not want any more children.

  6. Allison says:

    Oh, how we are all so familiar with the fade-out. Either I’m getting it or I’m doing it. It’s a pretty lousy thing to endure… :(

  7. Rick says:

    A bad habit to practice. Even though it is harder, people should just be upfront with eachother.

  8. anget says:

    i hate it. it’s hard when a person just fades away without letting you know what’s going on. i’m currently recovering from a very bad relationship. i had to drink every night so i can sleep without thinking.

  9. Alex says:

    Hmm, I wouldn’t let a relationship to fade away because I don’t know how I should react when I would face that person again.

    I like to discuss with my partner and tell her that things aren’t working and we should first take a break or something similar.]

    But, I would recommend not to get involve in such a relationship when you know that you are more involved then then the other person or the other way around.
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  10. OSeñorita says:

    If that’s fading out then, what do you call the kind that after a few months he’s starting to communicate with you again?

  11. woobie says:

    I think that’s called ‘making the right decision’ :)

  12. SittieCates says:

    While “fading out” is a quick and simple option to leave a relationship that’s not worth spending time and effort for, most of my friends (including me) would choose to opt for a clear disclosure on what is happening and where the relationship is going so there is no loose strings left hanging.

  13. George says:

    Honestly, I just had a relationship in which we split it quiet instead, had to remain enemies, thatss because some words were not his purpose may be to have an easy and does not I want to say first that we break. So he got out of yarn and started to offend.

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  14. Cadouri says:


    I agree, the fade out method really is the easiest way of letting him/her go. I did it with a lot of my ex-girlfriends. The fade-out is the most harmless method of breaking up with someone in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!

    Cadouri Victor
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  15. Ron says:

    I can relate to this post. Last year, I got really broken-hearted because of my girlfriend. She never gave me the chance to explain why I did not text her for one week. I got really a long time recovering from the pain of letting go. But now, I think the love I have for her is fading away and I got to move on.
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  16. Lea G says:

    We always try to mingle with people in places where ever we go. We are on a package for a travel tour we make a small friendship relation. But we stay in contact only for a short period. To maintain a relation we have to stay in contact else it will fade out.
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  17. Lola T says:

    I dont agree, that we are not suppose to spoil the relationship for small things, I feel this is also not something to be hidden but they can have a clear picture and also clarity that will help to make better relationship with spouse by telling them the truth.
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  18. Stephan Hilson says:

    Breaking up is not easy so I don’t like this ending the relationship or even the term of fading out. It is hard to communicate with a guy, who is not willing to communicate even when his facebook wall is filled with chatter about his return to the city. Maybe these kind of people are not worthy to pay attention and make emotional outbursts over them. I agree that rejection is the worst thing in fading out because being rejected will result on the guilt and insecurity. Thanks for the interesting article.
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  19. Rodrigo Valenzuela says:

    It is very good to inform and fall out of a relationship than to just beat around the bush. Just be frank and tell what lies in your heart, instead of postponing the break up. If you are fading away from some person then it gives a sinking feeling to him or her and nothing is terrible than that.
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  20. Leo says:

    I think fading out is the worst way to break up. If the probable ex is mature enough, he or she will understand the situation and end the relationship with dignity. One thing that we all need to realize is that no relationship is perfect. It is just that in some relationships we will have to adjust a bit less and in other relationships a bit more
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  21. Semidoppel says:

    That fade out tactic was used by most men…I’m sure of it ^_^
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  22. Sally Mathay says:

    when the relationship is not yet too involved, less drama is preferable (at least for me)

  23. Sally Mathay says:

    the magnitude of problems seems to diminish over time. what is big now may be small tomorrow. sometimes we just have to laugh over them. speaking of laughing, i’m sure you would enjoy this video:

  24. Ben says:

    It is always better to be up front about what’s going on, but sometimes that can seem to backfire too. I went on a couple of dates with a girl and it just wasn’t clicking. She was super sweet and she was cute, but there just wasn’t a spark. I told her that it wasn’t going to work for me and that while I didn’t see myself being compatible in that regard, I thought she was an awesome girl. She told me that she “didn’t need any more friends” and that “I shouldn’t have lead her on”. We didn’t even share a kiss! So I agree that upfront is ALWAYS better, there are times when I can understand the urge to just fade away.

  25. It was nice to read this after I had just done a fade-out with someone. I didn’t contact them as much as usual and they text me and asked if anything was wrong. Realizing that I am not into them as much as they had become I text them back that I am as interested as I once was. They thanked me for not stringing them along and would use this tactic in the future.

  26. Reyn says:

    moving on is never easy as well as letting go. as im reading this, im thinking of one person and i still love that person..

  27. Keithy says:

    I’m experiencing this and it’s really best to say things upfront…With this kind of situation you will keep on guessing on some things that are not well answered.

  28. KG says:

    I think the fade out is normal if this person
    and you are not established as a full fledge relationship.
    Of course you give that person the thumbs up and should be
    considerate, however most flames, kicking it, sex buddies
    is what it is, and for that purpose eggs should not be put
    in one basket on them. I faded out as well as an old flame
    of mine, but we always stayed in contact from time to time
    as friends. I knew the relationship was not of a boyfriend
    and girlfriend, so there was no hard feelings. Either of us
    were ready for a relationship. We are still friends til this day.

  29. bettina says:

    I think this guy is doing a fade out on me, or hoping I break up with him. Yesterday, I had a discussion about how his actions were making me feel, I made it clear that I if I was going to stick around then he has to make me feel good about myself and I’d be cool if he needed some space. He reassured me everything was alright, he said he’d call me but then he’s didn’t so I decided to go over in the morning anyway and surprise him..lol. He seemed happy to see me, I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid, but it seems I do most of the initiating and he really isn’t fussed, Yet, when I directly try to break up he tells me not to worry but I can’t help but think he’s messing with my head, so I’ve decided that I will play along anyway, if he wants out he’ll have to tell directly, because I’m not just going to fade out…lol

  30. Fade out option is better because it may lead to less drama.

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