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Cancer Guy
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Cancer Guy (June 22 – July 22) Sweet Midas

This guy loves to be pampered with romantic words, gifts and gestures, the same way as he loves to shower his friends with these. He’s sweet and cuddly’ and incredibly tickly. He seems like a pushover who will always be ready with a smile and infectious laugh. However, beware of Dr.Jekyll behind his Mr. Hyde. This guy normally has a side of his personality that is completely different from that side that you know. My personal experience with a Cancer guy friend showed me that something must trigger this behavior switch. In my guy pal’s case, it’s alcohol. He’s calm and funny when he’s normal, and he gets wild and outrageous when he’s consumed alcohol. Another situation to be wary about is business.

When this Cancer guy handles the money side of your company, you can be sure that your money will grow. Every trade or a deal is a challenge to his powers of persuasion, and he is always one step ahead in market trends. He will crush the competition (business-wise) with a charming smile and a pat in the back, like saying “nice try, buddy”. Like Midas, the proverbial icon whose touch brings gold, this guy’s mind is like a working cash register that’s on 24/7.

In Love: He will almost always express his love in gifts that are sentimental as well as unique. He prides himself as a good cook and will only cook for someone he likes or loves. If he feels like you’re taking advantage of his generosity, he will pretend to be broke. He will pay a good amount of money for scenery and a romantic location, but won’t waste his cents on somewhere hip and modern but not in the least romantic.

Woobie’s Quick Tip: This is a guy who shuts up and sulks when you two are in a fight. Romantic gestures will affect this guy more than the guys from other signs. Expect public displays of affection, and impulsive hugs and kisses during dates. He is a mama’s boy, so don’t insult his mom.

Celebrity Cancer Guys

Tom Cruise
Harrison Ford
Kevin Bacon
Vin Diesel
Tom Hanks
Josh Hartnett
Toby Maguire
John Cussack
Sylvester Stallone


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