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Scorpio Girl
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Scorpio Girl (October 24 – November 22) The Seeress

There’s no use lying to this girl, as she is like a walking lie-detector test to any guy she’s in love with. You may think she’s overly paranoid or jealous, but truth is, she loves you so much that being disloyal to her (even in small things) cause her physical pain. She is the girl who will leave everything behind to be with you, even if it means hardships and suffering on her part.

The hardest thing for her to do is leave you, and everything else is secondary and relatively easy for her to do. This much intensity in love and fidelity may scare some guys away, but that guy who is secure enough to let her love him the only way she knows how will reap the fruits of everlasting loyalty.

Woobie’s Quick Tip: She notices EVERYTHING. Those times when she acts like she doesn’t notice your mistakes. She was just being lenient with you. If you repeat your mistake because it seems like she does’t notice them, prepare for a battle you can never win and a full historical account of your mistake.

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Celebrity Scorpio Girls

Jodie Foster
Winona Ryder
Demi Moore
Scarlett Johansson
Calista Flockhart
Goldie Hawn
Julia Roberts
Meg Ryan
Tara Reid
Anne Hathaway
Nicollette Sheridan
Rita Wilson

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