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Pisces Girl
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Pisces Girl (February 20- March 20) Your Grade School Valentine

This is the most feminine of the signs.

The term girly-girl applies to Pisces girls anywhere. However, the Pisces girl you meet now may not be the same one you get to know after a few months of friendship. Why? This is because a Pisces girl will always put up a defense-wall first before she shows you her true colors only when she’s convinced that she can trust you with her true personality. She will deliberately mislead you into thinking that she’s tough and nasty, when the truth is she’s very emotional and sympathetic.

She has a tendency to put a guy in a pedestal and call him her hero. She’s your personal fan club who will prod you gently, never demanding much, until you reach your true potential. She will always see beauty, potential and goodness, even in those that people regard as hopeless cases. In fact, the girl who fell in love with the group’s “outcast” or “loser” may be a Pisces girl. She will nurture the guy’s bruised ego until he gains confidence enough to strike back at his “attackers” then, she will stand by the sidelines and cheer him all the way.

If you’re REALLY lucky, a Pisces girl might just be your soulmate.

Woobie’s Quick Tip: This girl won’t be able to stand a weepy guy. She will almost always support the underdog. Downside, if she feels that you don’t need her anymore and your ego has bloated enough that you forget to even glance at her, her walls come back up, more solid than before. So that you get confused as to where that sensitive and sympathetic girl is, and who is this b*tch who took her place?

Celebrity Pisces Girls

Jennifer Love Hewitt
Elizabeth Taylor
Cindy Crawford
Sharon Stone
Eva longoria
Rachel Weisz
Drew Barrymore
Vanessa L Williams
Carrie Underwood

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